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We are value added re-seller of Stromasys Switzerland for its Charon – Alpha /VAX virtualization product in India. Charon provides hardware virtualization for legacy Alpha and VAX servers so that you can get rid of hardware dependency of old discontinued products. Some of these Alpha and VAX system are running many mission critical application which are hard to replace and loss due to failure of such system is very high. Charon replaces hardware by virtualization of hardware on new Intel/AMD based platform. We preserve your software investment.

VAX Hardware Replacement Products

We provide a range of medium to very high performance (currently 400+ VUPs) replacement platforms for Digital Equipment Corporation’s (now HP) VAX computers by means of virtualization and “hardware abstraction layers” running on industry-standard systems. These hardware emulators run all VAX Operating System and application software (even original hardware diagnostics) previously running on those platforms in their existing binary form. No application source code needed, nor conversion required, no matter on which VAX your software was running before. Our emulator products run much faster than the original VAX computers.

Alpha Hardware Replacement Products

We provide a set of hardware replacement products for Digital Equipment Corporation’s (now HP) Alpha computers by means of virtualization and hardware abstraction layers. These hardware emulators run on industry standard 64-bit platforms. They run the standard OpenVMS/Alpha operating system, middleware and applications software previously running on hardware Alpha systems. No application source code is needed, no conversion is required.

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