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Distribution & Trading

For wholesale distribution, growing profits in business today is more challenging than ever. The right technology is needed to handle ever-increasing levels of complexity. And companies need fast access to trusted information required to proactively manage customer and supplier relationships and make informed decisions Meet customer and supplier needs with SAP Business One. Manage & forecast demand planning ,manage inventory ,Stock & Supply chain with integrated processes to achieve operational excellence


  • Customer Demand & Opportunity

  • Procurement of by inventory by warehouse and bin location

  • Supply chain planning & execution

  • Manage inventory by Serial & batch number

  • Warehouse Management & bin location

  • Multiple price list

  • Forecast your demand with MRP(Material Requirement Planning)


Improves the entire wholesaler/distributor supply chain-from efficient processing and tracking of orders

Optimizing transportation and warehouse operations

Simplify the task of procurement with strategic sourcing, purchasing and supplier relationships

With an optimized procurement process, reduce cost and risk while improving collaboration.Attain a single channel management system to connect buyers, suppliers and customers

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