We have done various projects for Finance and Banking companies:

Credit Rating System

  • Flexible Credit Rating system. The finance companies can configure it as per their requirements.

  • 3 years’ data can be imported from excel sheet

  • Unlimited number of parameters, Ratios can be calculated based on the data provided

  • There are subjective parameters, for which the user can provide value between 0-5.

  • Credit Rating can be combination of calculated and subjective parameters.

  • Percentage of each group in the final rating is also flexible.

  • Printing of Credit Rating report is also parameterized.

Lending Legal Documentation Management System

  • Define the documents required for each financial product and customer type

  • Documents could be of 2 types:

    • Customer’s documents

    • Documents draft sent by finance companies

  • To keep track of the documents sent for signature

  • All received documents are scanned and stored

  • If rejected and sent back, track is kept.

  • If any waiver is there from management, waiver authorization is also stored.

  • After the finance is given, keep track of the quarterly, yearly reports required from the client.

Bank Guarantee System

Most of Project based companies have to provide Bank Guarantee to their customers for Advance or Performance. This is work-flow based system:

  • Sales person creates Bank Guarantee request

  • Approval by Sales head

  • Approval by Legal dept

  • Bank guarantee procedure and Bank interaction

  • Reminder of Bank Guarantee expiry

  • Dashboard for every user

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